Our role is to minimise the time and effort our clients, as home or buissness-owners, spend on managing work carried out on their properties.




 Alpha Property have experience and insight into renovation projects and pre-empt many issues before they arise.

Experienced in programming and procurement scheduling.

We are responsible for safety on site.

Carry insurances for the works.

Payments and cash flow of all trades 

Our contractor's credit lines ensure efficient cash flow.

The range of contacts and sources of materials are extensive and very reliable.

The use of a fixed-price contract gives an element of cost certainty, which helps both your planning, and the lender's level of comfort - remember, a bank lending on property prefers certainty over most other virtues!

Logistics and day-to-day running will be efficient and timely, and the site left clean and safe each day as part of the contractor's modus operandi.

You make one payment each agreed period (usually monthly) which cuts down the complexity considerably.