We believe that when it comes to health prevention is always better then a cure - same goes for the health of your home or property.

Our Annual inclusive MOT deal - only £420 pa. 

A Home MOT is as important as a MOT for your car or your health so neglecting those niggly tasks could lead to a very expensive full repair or replacement!


Let us take a look and see how we can save you both time and money in the long run.

Case Study

We were called to a house that developed grey fungi mold on all corners of the ceilings in the bedrooms. After a close inspection it was clear that the rain water from the gutters was seeping in to the house. The gutters had not been cleaned for a few years.

The result was as follows:

  • Edges of the roof had to be taken out to replace and strengthen the roof beams and rafters that had wet rot.
  • New fascia boards and guttering were installed as the original had completely rotted away.
  • All ceilings had to been taken down and replaced to get rid of the fungi
  • Painting and decorating or affected rooms

The client's insurers refused to pay as it was negligence not an accident.

Total cost was  £4,500  however, to clean the gutters would have only cost a measly £150.00.

We provide home maintenance throughout the year to many of our clients at a single annual fee of £320.00 (plus materials).  You will have a service of  two men for a whole day to do all necessary maintenance work required.

  • Gutters, down pipes and drains
  • Window seals and window putty
  • Shower enclosure and bath sealer replacement
  • Replace batteries in the smoke detectors and carbon dioxide detectors
  • Visual inspection of the building outside and inside
  • All other jobs like leaking taps, burnt light fittings and sockets and any additional work that you are not able to perform yourself.