Is your work area looking tired and dated or just in need of some TLC?

An office refurbishment is a fantastic way to improve conditions for your people, increasing productivity and morale.


It can be hard to focus when your working in cramped environments. whether its an office, educational area, kitchen, workshop, medical practice a clever refurbishment can free up space you never knew you had, sparing you the cost and upheaval of moving.

Furthermore, the refurbishment needs to be carefully managed to cause minimum disruption to your business.

SPACE PLANNING your office can be difficult task at the best of times. Not only is it about who sits where and who face's who, but there are it, telecoms, staff welfare and legal Requirements to consider, therefor CAD Space Planning is essential to maximise the possibilities.

OFFICE FURNITURE is the last step to effectively utilise any work area, the importance to getting the right advise and the right choice is priceless. Alpha P.M can provide a wide range of office furniture for many uses, from ergonomic task, operator and executive seating to sofas, removable walls, tables and desk. all supplied and fitted to your wish and needs.